About Us

Over 70 Years of Combined Experience

With a constant focus on quality and efficiency, we are revolutionizing the production of cast stone. Essential to our success is our commitment to true partnerships with our customers. Through partnership and collaboration, we are able to provide unique competitive advantages unrivaled by other cast stone manufacturers.

At Story Cast Stone, our mission is to design, manufacture and deliver the highest quality cast stone while providing the greatest customer service in the industry. We have built relationships with customers throughout the United States that go beyond that of vendor and client. True friendships and partnerships are the reason nearly all of our customers have continued to buy their materials from Story Cast Stone.

Company Leadership

Meet the Founders

Sydney Blackwood Story: Co-Founder


Valerie Brandmeyer: -Co Founder


Shelby Story: Co-Founder


Our Story

Hear the story behind Story Cast Stone

After a combined experience of over 18 years in minority partnership positions with both Midwest Cast Stone and Continental Cast Stone, Sydney and Shelby Story decided to stake their future on a new partnership and a new company; Story Cast Stone. Story Cast Stone is a new vision for the cast stone and masonry industries based on friendship and partnerships.

Excellence through experience is not only our motto, it’s the lifeblood of our company. We have experienced very small plants and extremely large plants, bloated and woefully lean staffing levels, overfunded and underfunded businesses, and we have learned valuable lessons from each of those experiences. Now, as equal partners in Story Cast Stone, we are in position to leverage our experiences to offer the finest quality products and unparalleled customer service at a very competitive price.