Take advantage of same day production of replacement units.



What is RapidReplace?

RapidReplace is our way of keeping your project on pace when something goes wrong in the field. You can’t predict everything that can happen on a jobsite. RapidReplace makes the inevitable easier for you and your contractors. This allows your project schedule to stay on track; regardless of who caused the problem. 

When your deadline is critical, Story Cast Stone can have your replacement piece delivered directly on-site using our own trucks, within 2-3 days of your request.  Our proprietary computer driven mold inventory system allows us to find your existing mold within minutes of your phone call and eliminates the need to build a new mold. Additionally, our VaporLock curing process allows Story Cast Stone to achieve compressive strengths in 3 days that normally require the industry standard of 28 days. This means you can install our cast stone with confidence as soon as you receive it.